Sr. No  Topic Author Source Pg. No.
1 Influences of ammonia contamination on leaching from air-pollution-control residues Zhenzhen Guan, Dezhen Chen, and Thomas FruergaardAstrup WMR December,2014 1169-1177
2 Calcium silicates synthesised from industrial residues with the ability for CO2 sequestration Victor Morales-Flórez, Alberto Santos, Antonio López, Isabel Moriña, and Luis Esquivias WMR December,2014 1178-1185
3 Monitoring and characterization of compost obtained from household waste and pine sawdust in a facultative reactor by conventional and spectroscopic analyses Sandro Xavier de Campos, RolanRoneyResseti, and RosimaraZittel WMR December, 2014 1186-1191
4 Variation in organic matter characteristics of landfill leachates in different stabilisation stages Abhinav Gupta, Renzun Zhao, John T Novak, and C Douglas Goldsmith WMR December, 2014 1192-1199
5 Effect of microwave pre-treatment of thickened waste activated sludge on biogas production from co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste, thickened waste activated sludge and municipal sludge E Ara, M Sartaj, and K Kennedy WMR December, 2014 1200-1209
        6         Evaluation of operational, economic, and environmental performance of mixed and selective collection of municipal solid waste: Porto case study Carlos A Teixeira,Mário Russo,Cristina Matos,and Isabel Bentes WMR December, 2014 1210-1218
        7         Carbon dioxide capture utilizing zeolites synthesized with paper sludge and scrap-glass F Espejel-Ayala,R ChoraCorella,A Morales Pérez,R Pérez-Hernández,and RM Ramírez-Zamora WMR December, 2014 1219-1226  
       8       Real-time monitoring system for improving corona electrostatic separation in the process of recovering waste printed circuit boards Jia Li,Quan Zhou,and ZhenmingXu WMR December, 2014 1227-1234
       9    Vermicomposting grape marc yields high quality organic biofertiliser and bioactive polyphenols Jorge Domínguez,Hugo Martínez-Cordeiro,Marta Álvarez-Casas,and Marta Lores WMR December, 2014 1235-1240
10        Effects of substrate induced respiration on the stability of bottom ash in landfill cover environment A Ilyas,E Lovat,and KM Persson WMR December, 2014 1241-1246
11      Assessment of heavy metals exposure, noise and thermal safety in the ambiance of a vacuum metallurgy separation system for recycling heavy metals from crushed e-wastes Lu Zhan andZhenmingXu WMR December, 2014 1247-1253