Sr. No Topic Author Source Pg. No
1 Production of fired construction brick from high sulfate-containing fly ash with boric acid addition M. Serhat Baspinar, Erhan Kahraman, Gokhan Gorhan, Ismail Demir WMR January 2010 4
2 Investigation on the components removed in loss on ignitiontest of sandy crushed construction and demolition waste Hiroshi Asakura, Masato Yamada, Yuzo Inoue, Yoichi Watanabe, Yusaku Ono WMR January 2010 11
3 Applying multi-criteria decision-making to improve the waste reduction policy in Taiwan Jun-Pin Su, Ming-Lung Hung, Chia-Wei Chao, Hwong-wen Ma* WMR January 2010 20
4 Improving rubber concrete by waste organic sulfar compounds Liang-Hisng Chou, Chun-Nan Lin, Chun-Ku Lu, Cheng-Haw Lee WMR January 2010 29
5 Case study: Apparel industry waste management: afocus on recycling in South Africa M. Larney. A.M. van Aardt WMR January 2010 36
6 Biomaterials from wool wastes: characterization of cortical cells/chitosan composite Jie Fan, Wei-dong Yu WMR January 2010 44
7 Particleboard made from waste paper treated with maleic anhydride Amir Nourbakhsh, Alireza Ashori WMR January 2010 51
8 Enhancement of concrete properties for pavement slabs using waste metal drillings and silica fume Abolfazl Hassani, Mohsen Arjmandi WMR January 2010 56
9 Yield and chemical composition of fractions from fermented shrimp biowaste Bhaskar Narayan, Suresh Puthanveetil velappan, Sakhare Patiram Zituji, Sachindra Nakkerike Manjabhatta,Lalitha Ramakrishna Gowda WMR January 2010 64
10 Vermicomposting of sugar industry waste (press mud) mixed with cow dung employing an epigenic earthworm Eisenia fetida P. Sangwan, C.P.Kaushik, V.K. Garg WMR January 2010 71
11 Drivers in Current and future municipal solid waste management systems:cases in Yokohama and Boston Francisco Contreras, Satoshi Ishii, Toshiya Aramaki, Keisuke Hanaki, Stephen Connors WMR January 2010 76
12 Review of groundwater contamination hazard rating systems for old landfills Raj Kumar Singh, Manoj Datta, Arvind Kumar Nema WMR February 2010 97
13 Poly(vinyl chloride) film filled with microcrystalline cellulose prepared from cotton fabric waste: properties and biodegradability study Saowaroj Chuayjuljit, Siriwan Su-uthai, Sireerat Charuchinda WMR February 2010 109
14 Sustainable construction: construction and demolition waste reconsidered Mercedes del Rio Merino, Pilar Izquierdo Gracia, Isabel Salto Weis Azevedo WMR February 2010 118
15 Environmental assessment of low-organic waste landfill scenarios by means of life-cycle assessment modeling (EASEWASTE) Simone Manfredi, Thomas H.Chirstensen, Heijo Scharff, Joeri Jacobs WMR February 2010 130
16 Bioassessments of anaerobically decomposing organic refuse in laboratory lysimeters with and without Leachate recycling and pH adjustment In Chul Kong WMR February 2010 141
17 Utilization potential of silica fume in fired clay bricks M. Serhat Baspinar, Ismail Demir, Mehmet Orhan WMR February 2010 149
18 Studying the influence of operation parameters on heavy and alkali metals partitioning in flue gases Jun Han, Xuanming He, Guanghui Wang, Masami Furuuchi, Mitsuhiko Hata WMR February 2010 158
19 Vinegar production residue as substrates for phytase production by Aspergillus ficuum Zhihong Wang, Xiaofang Dong, Jianming Tong, Yingying WU, Qi Zhang WMR February 2010 165
20 An environmentally viable waste disposal method for oil-producing countries S. ud din, G.P Reza Oskui, A.Al-Dousari, A.N. Al Ghandban, M. Al Murad WMR February 2010 169
21 Characterization of MSW and related waste-derived compostin Zanzibar municipality Said Ali Hamad Vuai WMR February 2010 177
22 Report: New reliable method for the measurement of chlorine in refuse-derived fuels through combustion experiments in a pilot plant Ramona Schroer. A.I. Urban WMR February 2010 185

WMR-Waste Management & Research Journal, Published by International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

Sr. No. Topic Author Source Page No.
1 Household waste prevention - a review of evidence Jayne Cox, et al. WMR - March 2010 193
2 Food for Thought? - A UK. Pilot study testing a methodology for compositional domestic food waste analysis Joseph Langlet, et al. WMR - March 2010 220
3 Exploring the potential of Product Service Systems to achieve household waste prevention on new housing developlments in UK. Annika Gottberg, et al. WMR - March 2010 228
4 Working towards a Zero Waste Environment in Taiwan Chea-Yuan Young WMR - March 2010 236
5 An analysis of municipal solid waste discards in Taiwan based on consumption expenditure & policy interventions Y-C Weng, et al. WMR - March 2010 245
6 Delivery and impact of household waste prevention intervention campaigns (at the local level) Veronica Sharp, et al. WMR - March 2010 256
7 Methods to monitor and evaluate household waste prevention Veronica Sharp, et al. WMR - March 2010 269
8 Future Waste growth, modelling and decoupling David Fell and et al. WMR - March 2010 281
9 Fuel Consumption estimation for kerbside municipal solid waste (MSW) Collection activities T.T.T Nguyen, Bruce G. Wilson WMR - April 2010 289
10 Application of life-cycle assessment in optimisation of municipal waste management systems : the case of Lithuania J. Miliute, J.K.Staniskis WMR - April 2010 298
11 Condominium Waste Management by private initiative : a report of a 10-year project in Brazil M. Fehr, et al. WMR - April 2010 309
12 Comparison of green-house gas emission reductions and landfill gas utilization between landfill system & an incineration system Haibin Han, et al. WMR - April 2010 315
13 Private Sector involvement in solid waste management in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area in Ghana Martin Oteng-Ababio WMR - April 2010 322
14 Residual household waste : from pay-per-bag to pay-per-kilogram. An evaluation study for Flanders Simon De Jaeger WMR - April 2010 330
15 Motivation recycling : pre-recycling case study inMinsk, Belarus Sviatlana Miafodzyeva, et al. WMR - April 2010 340
16 Study on the inhibition of methane production from anaerobic digestion of biodegradable solid waste Tiantao Zhao WMR - April 2010 347
17 Urban Solid Waste collection system using mathematicla modelling and tools of geographic information system Claudia Andrea Arribas, et al. WMR - April 2010 355
18 Application  of dynamic  programming to evaluate the slope stability of  a vertical extension to a balefill Arie Kremen & Yiannis Tsompanakis WMR - April 2010 373
19 Chemical Precipitation for controlling nitrogen loss during composting Li-Mei Ren, G-X, Li, F.Schuchardt, Y-J. Shen, P.Lu WMR - May 2010 385
20 Co-digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste with primary sludge at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Turkey R.K.Dereli, M.E.Ersahin, C.Y.Gomec, I.Ozturk, O.Ozdemir WMR - May 2010 404
21 Report: Maximizing recycling participation to reduce waste to landfill: a study of small to medium - sized enterprises in Hobart, Tasmania, Ausralia Sam Parsons, Lorne Kriwoken WMR - May 2010 472