Sr. No Topic Author Source Pg. No
1. Assessment of municipal solid wastecompost quality using standardized methods before preparation of plant growth media Maria Teresa Barral
Ana Moldes Menduina,
Yolanda Cendon Seijo,
Francisco Diaz-Fierros Viquiera
WMR April 2007 99
2. Emissions from baled municipal solid waste: II. Effects of different treatments and bailing techniques on the emission of volatile organic compounds Diuaddin R Nammari,
Marcia Marques,
William Hogland
WMR April 2007 109
3 Optimal solid waste collection routes identified by the ant colony systems algorithm Nikolaos V.Karadimas,
Katerina Papatzelou
WMR April 2007 139
4 Lessons learned for a more efficient knowledge and technology transfer to South American countries in the field of solid waste and contaminated sites management Alberto Bezama,
Nora Szarka,
Rodrigo Navia
WMR April 2007 148
5 Modelling C and N mineralization during decomposition of an anaerobically digested and composted municipal solid waste Jesper Luxhoi,
Sander Bruun,
Lars Stoumann Jensen,
Thomas Larsen
WMR April 2007 170
6 Development drivers for waste management David C.Wilson WMR June 2007 198
7 Drivers for innovation in waste to energy technology Oliver Gohlke,
Johannes Martin
WMR June 2007 214
8 Universities in capacity in sustainable development : focus on solid waste management and technology P. Agamuthu,
Jens Aage Hansens
WMR June 2007 241
9 Effects of municipal solid waste application on the microbial biomass of cultivated and non-cultivated soil in a semi-arid zone Olfa Bouzaiane, Hanene Cherif ,
Niela Saidi,
Naceur Jedidi
WMR August 2007 334
10 Estimating the quantity of solid waste generation in Oyo, Nigeria Abel O. Afon,
Afolabi Okewole
WMR August 2007 371
11 Assessment of two thermally treated drill mud wastes for land fill containment applications. Marie–Pierre Carignan, Craig B. Lake WMR October 2007 394
12 Feasibility of energy recovery from municipal solid waste in an integrated municipal energy supply and waste management system. Mika Luoranen,
Mika Horttanainen
WMR October 2007 426
13 The challenge of electronic waste (e-waste) management in developing countries. O. Osibanjo,
I.C. Nnorom
WMR December 2007 489
14 Household hazardous waste: composition of paint waste. Lotte Fjelsted,
Thomas H Christensen
WMR December 2007 502
15 Strategies for improving recycling behaviour within the Cornwall National Health Service (NHS) in UK. Terry L Tudor,
Stewart W Barr,
Andrew W Gilg
WMR December 2007 510
16 Recycling potential of Urban Solid Waste destined for Sanitary landfills: the case of Indaiatuba, SP, Brazil. Sandro Donnini Mancini, Alex Rodrigues Nogueira, Dennis Akira Kagohara, Jonas Age Saide Schwartzman, Tania de Mattos WMR December 2007 517
17 Compartment model of aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Sang-Yul Kim, Yasumasa Toja, Toshihiko Matsuto WMR December 2007 524
18 Interpretation of surface movements of landfill built on steeply sloping ground. A cautionary case history G. E. Blight WMR December 2007 572