Sr. No
Topic Author Source Pg. No
Driving forces for import of waste for energy recovery in Sweden Mattias Olofsson, Jenny Sahlin, Tomas Ekvall, Johan Sundberg WMR Feb 2005 3
The effect of food waste disposers on municipal waste and wastewatermanagement Natasha Marashlian, Mustasen El-Fadel WMR Feb 2005 20
Chloride extraction for quality improvement of municipal solid waste incineration ash for the concrete industry Giancarlo Boghtich, Lorenzo Liberti, Michele Nortarnicola, Maria Palma, Domenico Petruzzelli WMR Feb 2005 57
Vaccination of waste-handling workers. A review of the literature Rebecca Tooher, Tabatha Griffin, Elen Shute WMR Feb 2005 79
Biodegradability of degradable plastic waste P. Agamuthu, Putri nazarul Faizura WMR April 2006 95
Experimental landfill caps for semi-arid and arid climates Geoffrey E. Blight, Andries B. Fourie WMR April 2005 113
A laboratory study on migration of K+ in a two-layer landfill liner Yan Jun Du, Shigenori Hayashi WMR October 2005 239
Serving the unserved: informal refuse collection in Mexico Martin Medina WMR October 2005 390
Guidelines for the evaluation and assessment of the sustainable use of resources and of wastes management at health care facilities. William K. Townend, Christpher R. Cheeseman WMR October 2005 398
Micrometeorological measurements of N2O and CH4 emissions from a municipal solid waste landfill. Matthew C. McBain, Jon S. Warland, Raymond A. Mcbride, Claudia Wagner- Riddle WMR October 2005 409
Nuisance flies and landfill activities: an investigation at a West Midlands landfill site Michel J. Lole WMR October 2005 420
Estimation and allocation of solid waste to bin through geographical information systems Ritesh Vijay, Apurba Gupta, Ajay S. Kalamdhad, Sukumar Devotta WMR October 2005 479
Solid waste collection and recycling in Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia: a case study M. Hasnain Isa, Faridah A H. Asaari, N Azam Ramali, Shamshad Ahmed WMR December 2005 565